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Artificial Iris

Full or partial aniridia may be caused by congenital defects, trauma or diseases. The iris does not only give our eyes their colour and thus our personal appearance, but it also plays an important role in the optical system. Full or partial aniridia causes not only aesthetical limitations, but also lowers visual quality through photophobia, aberration disorders, glare effects and loss in depth of focus.


The Artificial Iris, with its fully customized hand-crafted adjustment of colour, structure and diameter of the implant for each patient guarantees an individual aesthetical restoration which is a close match to the initial appearance, leading to very high patient satisfaction.

Made of foldable, highly biocompatible silicone material that has been tested and proven with intraocular lenses for many years.

Available in two versions – with and without polymer meshwork – for fixation by sutures or sutureless implantation into the ciliary sulcus, respectively.

Delivered as a 360° iris, it can either be used as a full size implant or can easily be cut with scissors or a trephine into segments as required. Segments are sutured to the iris remnants while full implants are fixated in the sulcus ciliaris.

The Artificial Iris is now also available in a Standard Brown.


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